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QMS certification in INTERGAZCERT

The INTERGAZSERT voluntary certification system was created by PJSC Gazprom in 2016 and is registered in the unified register of voluntary certification systems of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) under the number RU.1570.040.

The INTERGAZSERT system functions to organize and carry out voluntary confirmation of conformity in the form of voluntary certification of products, design processes (including surveys), production, construction, installation, commissioning, operation (use), storage, transportation (transportation), sales and disposal of these products , works (services), management systems.

Currently, the QMS certification body of ACERT Bureau is recognized as competent to carry out work on certification of quality management systems for compliance with the requirements of STO GAZPROM 9001-2018 and GOST R ISO 9001-2015, as well as for assessing business reputation within the framework of the Central Authority "Management Systems", as reflected in the Register of certification bodies on the website of the INTERGAZSERT System. The scope is presented here.


Management system certification schemes used in the INTERGASCERT System are given here.

The procedure and rules for the provision of certification services for the management system are established in OGN0.RU.0121 "INTERGAZCERT voluntary certification system. The procedure for certification of management systems".

If a decision is made to conduct certification, the applicant in the INTERGAZCERT System determines the certification object and fills out the electronic preliminary application form on the website. Further, the Central Authority of the System, within no more than 5 working days, provides the applicant with a complete list of certification bodies, the competence of which is recognized in the System, capable of providing a certification service for the management system in accordance with the declared scope. The applicant submits an application and a full set of application documents to one of the selected certification bodies.

The methodology for the formation of the cost of work on certification of quality management systems for compliance with the requirements of STO Gazprom 9001-2018 or GOST R ISO 9001-2015 is established in clause 7.1 of OGN0.RU.0125 "INTERGAZCERT voluntary certification system. Procedure for payment for work provided for in the System".

When a decision is made by the certification body on the issuance of a certificate of conformity, a certificate of conformity is issued, on the basis of which the applicant applies the mark of conformity of the System in accordance with OGN.RU.0102 "Procedure for applying the mark of conformity of the INTERGAZCERT voluntary certification system".

The rules for handling complaints and appeals are set out in clause 10 of OGN0.RU.0101 "INTERGAZSERT voluntary certification system. Rules for the functioning of INTERGAZCERT voluntary certification system".

In case of unsatisfactory quality of work of the QMS certification body, the applicant for certification has the right to apply to the QMS certification body of ACERT Bureau, which is obliged to consider and analyze the reasons for applying and develop a corrective action plan to eliminate the reasons for applying. The complaint, appeal form is available here.

In case of disagreement with the decision made, the applicant has the right to apply to the central authority in accordance with the procedure established in clause 8.5.2 of OGN0.RU.0105 "INTERGAZCERT voluntary certification system. Regulation on the Central Authority of the System. "

If the applicant for certification is not satisfied with the decision adopted by the Central Authority, he has the right to appeal to the Coordination Body, which organizes the work on its consideration by the Appeals Commission and the complaint and submits the opinion to the Commission on time. The activity of the Appeals and Complaints Commission is carried out in accordance with OGN0.RU.0108 "INTERGAZCERT voluntary certification system. Regulation on the System Appeals and Complaints Commission"