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We're glad to welcome you on our Web-site and are ready to assist you in enhancing positions of your organization on both Russian and foreign markets through certification of your quality management system.

Certified quality management system allows to enhance the image of your company, acquire new customers and expand internal market segment of your product/ service. It will serve as a "passing" for your supplies to the external market. 

How and where is it possible to perform such certification? If it deals with gaining confidence of customers in your quality system (as a supplier) then it is the way to perform a third-party assessment and certification of the system since competence, independence, impartiality of this third party must be confirmed and recognized by accreditation. The normative basis of such accreditation is requirements of international standard - ISO/IEC 17021-1. Fulfilling these regulations in an accredited Certification body is a guarantor of its services quality and a major requirement to mutual recognition of the granted certificates. That is why by selection of a QMS Certification body it is necessary to find out where and in accordance with which requirements it is accredited. In Russia there is a national system of accreditation but unfortunately it is not yet recognized by the international Accreditation Forum (IAF) ( under the Multilateral Agreement on Mutual Recognition conducted accreditation and certification of management systems.

Establishing of ACERT Bureau in 2000 provided Russian-based enterprises with the most rational way of certification of their quality management system in the Russian Certification body which has the accreditation in the German accreditation body DAkkS. DAkkS is one of the representatives of more that 35 countries participating in the Multilateral Agreement (MLA) concerning mutual recognition of accreditations of international Certification bodies and ACERT Bureau- the Russian-based Certification body- belongs to it as well. Now ACERT Bureau is also accredited under national accreditation system by Federal Accreditation Service.



31 July

Changing the certification rules

06.07.2020 the following document of ACERT Bureau certification body was amended:




18 November

Getting accreditation in the national accreditation system

We inform you that on 12.11.2019, the Federal Accreditation Service made a decision on the accreditation of the certification body of quality management systems of ACERT Bureau Ltd in the national accreditation system.


11 February

Changing the certification rules, the rules for the application of the mark of conformity

01.02.2019 the following documents were amended by the certification body of the ACERT Bureau:


  • DG-Cl-01, Order and rules of rendering services on management system certification (version 21);
  • DG-F-01, Rules for the Application of the Certificate and Conformity Mark of ACERT Bureau (version 11).